How-To: Staff Search

How-To: Staff Search

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A simple guide to finding your next staff member!

Many people ask who the best staff are for X role, etc. But I think it is better to teach a man the skills and give him some bricks rather than build the house for him. So here is a short guide with the attributes to search for to find your backroom staff.

First things first, the most important thing to understand when staff searching – DDM:


They are the key attributes to find and they transfer across all of the coaching roles. A coach can have 20’s in Attack and Tactical Coaching, for example, but will only be an average Attack coach without decent DDM, and it is essential to have high DDM in able to be a top star-rated coach.

So without further ado, here’s what you should look for:

Director of Football:
Judging Ability, Judging Potential, Adaptability, Man Management + DDM

Head Of Youth Development:
Judging Ability, Judging Potential, Adaptability, Working with Youngsters + DDM

Assistant Manager: (U18 Assistant)
Man Management + Tactical Knowledge + DDM (+ Working with Youngsters)
(Judging Ability and Judging Potential are helpful if available for both Senior and U18 Assistant)

Goalkeeper Coach: (U18 GK Coach)
Shot StoppingGoalkeepers, Tactical + DDM (+ Working with Youngsters)
Handling: Goalkeepers, Technical + DDM (+ Working with Youngsters)

Defence Coach:
Defence Coaching + Tactical Coaching + DDM 

Attack Coach:
Attack Coaching + Tactical Coaching + DDM 

Shooting Coach:
Attack Coaching + Technique Coaching + DDM 

Tactics Coach:
Tactical Coaching + DDM 

Ball Control Coach:
Mental Coaching + Technique Coaching + DDM (+ Working with Youngsters)

Fitness Coach: (U18 coach)
Fitness Coaching + DDM (+ Working with Youngsters)

Physio: (Head Physio should be your best Physio)
Physiotherapy – Here, only the one attribute is important. People will say that you need Adaptability + DDM, but my own experiences of signing the cheapest Physio with just a high Physio attribute (backed up in part by Pompey-Dan’s research) suggests that no other attributes are necessary.

Chief Scout: should have the best Judging Ability + Judging Potential, Man Management + DDM

Regular scout: Judging Ability + Judging Potential (+ Adaptability if scouting unfamiliar territory)

Next opponent scout: Judging Player Ability + Tactical Knowledge


Feedback and/or constructive criticism is appreciated.

I hope this helps you find the best staff available to you! Good luck!

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4 thoughts on “How-To: Staff Search”

  1. Thanks for this Jay, it’s another of the plethora of FM facets that I don’t pay enough attention to.

    This contains exactly what I need to know, and no waffle.

  2. Wonderful work. Very insightful.

    But just wondering, for Fitness Coaches, they’re either general, or Strength specialists. How do we find Aerobics specialists, if they exist?

    1. Is there a difference with fitness coaches? I’ve never seen a rating drop if they aren’t in their preferred role, unlike with goalkeeper coaches…

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