Enfield Town – Season Review 2014/15


2014/15 End of Season Review

Here it is, at long last – my FM 2014 Enfield Town career! It seems by general consensus that it is harder managing in the lower leagues on this years’ iteration of the game, because a) the tactics system is new and will take some time to understand, and b) agents don’t seem to offer players as readily as before, nor does the assistant seem to recommend anyone – both my main source of player-spotting in previous years.

Skrill South (stats)

We started the season slowly, primarily because I needed to get a grip on the new tactical system. A simple change from Counter to Control saw us steadily improve our position, and by December we looked like genuine playoff contenders. We continued to pick up points until Christmas, when tiredness really hit hard and we only managed one win in seven games. From mid January onwards we recovered, as the games became further apart the players had time to rest between games and we got ourselves into a promising position in the playoffs, and in the end we managed to take the title on the final day by a single point!

FA Cup (stats)

I never gave much thought to the FA Cup as a new manager, thinking it an inconvenience with our already-busy schedule. But once we were into the first round, I took it more seriously. If we could make the third round, the potential financial rewards would be huge. Alas, we only made the second round, but we put in a great shift against a much bigger club, and didn’t embarrass ourselves!

FA Trophy (stats)

Scheduled four days after our FA Cup first round game, this was a genuine inconvenience, and players were rested. We lost, and I’m not bothered by that fact in the slightest.


IN:  Only six players joined the team I inherited. Hinds, McHugh and Adedipe became big players for us, the other three were mainly used in rotation.

OUT:  Lots out, mostly out-of-contract players that would be useless to me, but losing Bardle after he rejected a new contract was a bit of a blow.

Youth Intake

Cameron bears a striking resemblance to Alex Sheriff – both in looks and attributes – who became an ETFC legend on FM13. I doubt he has the potential to ever match him, but if he can perform for a couple of seasons at least, it’s all good.

Next Season

Promotion the dream, mid-table the expectation, and relegation would be a disaster.

8 thoughts on “Enfield Town – Season Review 2014/15”

  1. Don’t think I caught the start of this last year, or at least I don’t remember the early years very well so will be nice to see how you climb up the ladder.

    1. The original career started off on the Unbelievable Jeff forum way before I started this blog. Hopefully this one can be at least half as epic as the last one!

  2. Great stuff as ever mate. I’ve just started as my local side – Hitchin Town. What tips would you give to lower league management? I can’t seem to get any consistency and am mired in mid-table.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Best tip I can give for lower league management is keep your tactic and instructions simple. Enganches and Registas sound fancy and good, but not at this level. Sensible ‘Rigid’ formation (4-4-2, 4-3-3, etc) and simple roles and duties (all defenders on defensive, midfielders balanced, etc) and have a deep squad. Blowing your wage budget on 11 very good (for the level) players is NOT a good idea unless your covering players are also good, because you will need to rotate often due to the amount of games. Many decent players is better than 11 great ones. Good luck!

  3. Hey dude, nice piece. Found Skrill South to be a bit of a crazy league!

    I just finished my second season as Whitehawk in the Skrill South (lost play-off final first season, champions second season :D) BUT it seems no one wants to stay with me any longer than 1 year. I had to almost entirely rebuild my squad after season one, and am now going into Skrill Premier with almost nobody willing to even talk to me about joining and after losing almost everyone who got me here.

    Any ideas why this might be and a way I can rectify it?

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