How-To: Play as an Unplayable Club – UPDATED!

More often than not, on Football Manager I start as a very small side and look to take them to Champions League glory. For most people, that means a club in the lowest playable division, or using an extended leagues database. But what if you don’t like the unreliability and instability caused by xml files, and are bored with the same old clubs in the lowest divisions? I’ve noticed that often in the blog statistics people have found the blog by searching Google on ‘how to play as’ or ‘how to manage’ Enfield Town and FC United of Manchester – two of the previously unplayable clubs I’ve managed without resorting to an editor.  This blog post is their answer!  Using the method I will detail below, you can play as any club in the division immediately below the last playable division. It will not work for any divisions below this, as promotion/relegation is set only for one division below the playable divisions.

Step One – Pick your Country/Countries:

As usual, pick the Country you intend to start in, plus any additional Countries you want to add as playable or view-only.

Step Two – Select your Lowest Active Divisions/Mode:

Pick the divisions you wish to be active, then select whether they are playable or view-only. Make sure you load ALL divisions in the country you wish to play in. Also, select your Advanced Options – ticking the ‘Add Players to Playable Teams’ option is highly recommended for this type of save.

Step Three – Database Size:

This step is very important if you wish to have real players at your club and other promoted clubs in the division.

  • Click Custom. You will see a pop-up box that looks like this:

  • Choose your database size (at the top of the box)

The next step is to add the unplayable division you wish to play in under Divisions:

(In this example I’ll be using England, where, as you can see, Regional Premier Divisions is the next option after the lowest playable division – Blue Square North/South)

Step Four – Start Game:

Once you’re happy with your selected options, click Start Game.

After a period of processing, you will arrive at the ‘Add New Manager’ screen. The details you input here are not important. This manager will not be doing anything, so input whatever you like.

Click ‘Next’.

Step Five – On the Dole:

At this point, your manager needs to be unemployed. Choose the ‘Start Unemployed’ option at the top.

Step Six – Holiday!

At this point, you will need to know your chosen country ‘League Reset Date’, which can be found HERE. If you intend to take any random club which is promoted, set the holiday date for the exact date. However, if you want to manage a specific club, it is highly recommended that you set the holiday date to the DAY BEFORE the reset date, so that you can save/reload until you get the club you want.

To get the club you want:

  • Go on holiday until the day before reset day.
  • Save the game.
  • Holiday for one day.  check to see if your chosen club has been promoted. A quick way to check is on the nation ‘Overview’ screen, then click ‘Season Summary’ – A list of promoted clubs will be on there.

  • If your chosen club has not been promoted, load your saved game and repeat the step above, the third bullet point.
  • Once your club has been promoted, retire your holiday manager and add your chosen manager to the club you wish to play as.

Scotland works differently, as there is no relegation to/promotion from the division below the Third Division. The best you can do here is pick the club that finished bottom of the Third Division.

To finish:

That’s it! It really is that simple. Good luck with your chosen club!

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