Enfield Town – Season Review 2019/20


2019/20 – Premier League – End of Season Review

So, here we are! The Premier League! In order for our ground to meet league standards we had to move to Millwall’s ‘The Den’ for eleven months, and we moved back into a ‘huge’ 12,500 capacity stadium at the end of the works. Not very promising for long-term capacity expectations…

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Barclays Premier League (stats)

What the heck can I say? We had the youngest squad in the league, lowest average wage and lowest average player value. We were supposed to go straight back down. Instead, we not only stayed up, but we laid down a statement of intent – that we are here to stay. With one game to go, we jumped up to seventh. After the FA Cup final was played THIS appeared in my inbox:


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Enfield Town – Season Review 2018/19


2018/19 End of Season Review

Four promotions in as many seasons. Unbelievable in most peoples eyes, and certainly unexpected by all at the club. But can we make it five in five? Surely not…?

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Sky Bet Championship (stats)

Wow. We were playing against some of the best players in the world. Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Blackburn, Olivier Giroud and Loic Remy at QPR, amongst others. We had Hallam Hope. “Fear can hold you prisoner, Hope can set you free” goes the tagline of The Shawshank Redemption. Free to roam the promised land of the Premier League!!!

Hope started badly, with only five goals in 22 games, but after a very public bollocking on twitter, he shaped up, and ended up with 28 goals in all competitions.

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Enfield Town – Season Review 2017/18


2017/18 End of Season Review

Here we are at the end of another season, a season where we were expected to finish rock bottom, a season where we again came up smelling of roses. The manager has been head-hunted by almost every club in League One and the Championship where the manager has been sacked, and every one was rejected. Our reputation is still far behind our league standing which made recruitment difficult, but not impossible.

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Sky Bet League One (stats)

What a season! For the past couple of seasons we’ve been pretty average, then stolen a playoff place in the last couple of games. This season was different as we were into the play-off places by matchday five, and we never dropped out of them. By matchday 31 we were top, and we never relinquished it.

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Enfield Town – Season Review 2016/17


2016/17 End of Season Review

Season three in charge of the Towners for this young and inexperienced manager, and this is where it gets really serious. We turned professional, and we got lumbered with debt to finance a new stadium. If it wasn’t for an invasion of the Irish, I have no idea how we’d ¬†have fared during this past season…

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Sky Bet League Two (stats)

This was a very surprising season, as for the best part of it we sat around the top end of mid-table (as this graph shows), going on extended runs where we couldn’t buy a win. Where we got lucky is in the fact we didn’t lose many at all, managing to grab a point in games where we probably deserved nothing. In most games we were outplayed, but still managed to come away with something. We don’t have a great squad, but they do show great resilience, which, with two games to go got us into…

The playoffs:

First up were Yeovil, who finished fourth in the league. We drew with them away and lost at home in the league, but at the time of the playoffs we were coming in off the back of a fourteen game unbeaten run, coincidentally beginning after the defeat to Yeovil, which included our best run of wins this season of five in six games. We stole the win in the first leg courtesy of a late winner from Jack Cameron, which I was delighted with, especially as we were second best on the day. The second leg we knew we had the upper hand with Yeovil needing a comprehensive result to win the tie, and we put in a professional shift, doing enough to keep us in control to see us through to face York in the final, who beat Plymouth in their semi.

Both our league games against York ended in score draws, though we did beat them well in the FA Cup (see next section). In what was statistically an even game, we were 2-0 up by the hour, and York scored with eight minutes to play, but it was merely  a consolation. We were, against all odds, going up!

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Enfield Town – Season Review 2015/16


2015/16 End of Season Review

Second season in charge of the Towners, and it was one that took everyone associated with the club pleasantly by surprise. We were supposed to be no-hopers, yet we managed to upset the apple-cart. I was very pleased to go as far as we did in the FA Trophy, as that one eluded me as manager of Town in FM13… Though so did the Conference Premier winners’ trophy, and it has again.

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Skrill Premier (stats)

Promoted! I really don’t know how, as we were labelled as no-hopers, and we weren’t able to bring in the quality of player I’d hoped for, despite many ex-Premier League players being available on frees – they just weren’t interested in us like they were at this stage on FM13. Still, we had to make the most of what we had, and with excellent consistency from the team, and Matt Drage in defence and Jack Cameron up top in particular, we managed to grind results – where many clubs would have lost, we got draws, and it was those draws that got us where we did.

The playoff semi-final was contested against Macclesfield, who we’d only recently lost 2-0 to in the league. Two 1-1 draws, including a 120+3 equaliser in extra time of the second leg from our winger David Adedipe, means we went to penalties to decide who would be facing Grimsby in the final. We scored all ours, and Macclesfield players crumbled under the pressure, missing two of their four. We were going to Wembley!

In the final, we were thoroughly outplayed by Grimsby. We only managed one shot all game, but it was that one shot that decided the game! Jack Cameron’s 64th minute strike was the only goal of the match.


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How-To: Develop Youth Products – UPDATED

As anyone who follows this blog¬†or my¬†twitter¬†feed knows, my FM13 Enfield Town squad was made up entirely of players that I had developed from the clubs’ youth academy from the age of 15/16. Many of them were world class, and have led the club to multiple top level trophies, as well as being key players at international level. This is a simple guide as to how I developed these players – it really isn’t as complicated as some people will have you believe.

This guide can also apply to bought youngsters, skip to step 4 if this is the case (although Training Facilities and Coaches apply from step 1).

1 – There are a few things that the club should have in place before you even start:

Training Facilities РThe better these are, the more specific individual training options are available, and improved CA distribution.*
Youth Facilities РThe better they are, the better the rate of youth CA distribution.*
Junior Coaching РAffects the CA level of your Youth Intake players. The better this is, the more likely to get players with high CA.^
Youth Recruitment РThe better this is, increases the pool of players that can be recruited, increasing chance of high PA players.^
Head of Youth Development РHis personality and mental stats can influence the intake players. High determination and a good personality** are highly recommended.
Coaches¬†– The more specialised your coaches, the better the training they’ll provide in that area. Aim to have one specialised coach in each category. The higher the star rating, the better the coach.

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