How-To: Add English Regional Leagues

I know! A new article! Who’d have thought it?!

For some, dabbling with the editor is usually restricted to changing a couple of minor little details about a club or player, or maybe even adding themselves as a player or changing an established club into something more unique. For others, it is a scary monster that is best left undisturbed.

I was in the former camp, having played around with creating clubs and fixing errors in the original database. But with the release of Football Manager 2015, I decided I’d had enough of spending 20+ hours of reloading to get Enfield Town ‘promoted’ into the playable Conference South league. It was time to do something a little more advanced: add in Tier 7 as a playable league and Tier 8 as an inactive league for purposes of relegation/promotion.

And it was a lot easier than I thought it’d be!

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