How-To: Add English Regional Leagues

I know! A new article! Who’d have thought it?!

For some, dabbling with the editor is usually restricted to changing a couple of minor little details about a club or player, or maybe even adding themselves as a player or changing an established club into something more unique. For others, it is a scary monster that is best left undisturbed.

I was in the former camp, having played around with creating clubs and fixing errors in the original database. But with the release of Football Manager 2015, I decided I’d had enough of spending 20+ hours of reloading to get Enfield Town ‘promoted’ into the playable Conference South league. It was time to do something a little more advanced: add in Tier 7 as a playable league and Tier 8 as an inactive league for purposes of relegation/promotion.

And it was a lot easier than I thought it’d be!

First things first, if you haven’t already got it, you’re going to need the editor. Go to Steam > Library and select ‘Tools’ from the dropdown menu (when you mouse hover over Library). Find the FM15 editor, and click to download.


Tier 7 – Regional Premier Leagues

This division is easy to add as it is already an inactive division in the game for promotion to/relegation from the Conference North/South leagues. The three subdivisions are already added for you, all that is required is to set the division to active, and to set the promotion, playoff and relegation numbers, as well as change the subs rule from an incorrect setting. I’ll go through it all now, step by step.

1. Once you have opened the editor, the first thing you want to do is click ‘Rules’ > ‘Add Nation Rules’. Choose ‘England’ from ‘Current Nations’ menu.

2. Select ‘Add Lower Divisions And Cups To Existing Structure’ then click ‘Finish’.

3. In the sidebar, select ‘Divisions’, then ‘English Regional Premier Divisions’. Double-click it.

4. Change the ‘Type’ from ‘Inactive Division’ to ‘League’.

5. Change the ‘Number Of Promotion Places’ to 3

6. Change the ‘Number Of Relegation Places’ to 12 if you want to add tier 8, or 0 if you do not.

7. On the sidebar, click ‘Playoffs’.

8. Click ‘Promotion Playoff’.

9. Change ‘Number Of Teams In Playoff’ to 12. (4 from each subdivision=12)

10. Change ‘Number Of Teams Promoted From Playoff’ to 3 (1 from each subdivision=3)

11. In the sidebar, click ‘Fixture Rules’ and change ‘Substitution Rules’ to ‘3 from 5’.

If you choose to only add tier 7, you’re done! I would recommend setting up tier 8 though, even if you only play in tier 7 because that way there will still be promotion from/relegation to tier 8, even if you then set it as inactive (which is what I did on my career save).

Tier 8 – Regional First Divisions

To add tier 8 we have to add the parent division and its six child competitions. For the purposes of this guide tier 8 will be as low as I’ll go, but to add tier 9 the process is the same as this.

1. From the sidebar, click ‘Divisions’. In the bottom right, click ‘Add’.

2. Choose ‘Set Type’ as ‘Contains Sub-Divisions’, then click ‘Next – Set Competition’.

3. Choose ‘Regional First Divs’, then click ‘Next – Select Sub-Divisions’.

4. Select these divisions, then click ‘Next – Settings’.


5. Change ‘Number of Promotion Places’ to 6 (six subdivisions, one automatic promotion place each=6)

6. Change ‘Number Of Relegation Places’ to 0 (Unless you’re adding Tier 9, then change it to the correct number – you’ll have to research that for yourself though)

7. Click ‘Finish’.

8. Double click ‘English Regional First Divisions’.

9. From the sidebar, choose ‘Playoffs’.

10. Click ‘Promotion Playoff’.

11. Change ‘Number Of Teams In Playoff’ to 24. (four from each subdivision, 6 subdivisions=24)

12. Change ‘Number Of Teams Promoted From Playoff’ to 6 (one from each subdivision, 6 subdivisions=6)

If you want to make tier 8 unplayable, but still be able to have relegation to/AI team promotion from it, select ‘English Regional First Divisions’ From the sidebar, and change ‘Type’ form ‘League’ to ‘Inactive Division’.

And you’re almost done! From the Top, click ‘Rules’ > ‘Test Rules’. If you followed my guide correctly, the popup will say all rules are valid. If not, check the error, and trace it back through the guide to find out where you went wrong.

NOTE: Due to a bug in the editor, you will get a popup when creating the game or loading a savegame which will say ‘Warning: Cannot find setup_discipline_rules function for rule group‘. To fix it, change to advanced rules (‘Rules’ tab on top bar), then go to discipline rules (in the sidebar under (Nation Name – in this instance England)) and delete all rules after Rule 2. Then test ALL rules. This will fix the error and will allow the game to perform properly.

There you have it! Good luck in your lower league adventures!

22 thoughts on “How-To: Add English Regional Leagues”

  1. I did the following only for tier 7 though but when i start a new career it says
    cannot find setup_discipline_rules function for rule group
    what should i do i am 100% i did all rules correctly

    1. This error is caused by an error with the editor. To fix it, change to advanced rules, then go to discipline rules and delete all rules after Rule 2. Then test all rules.

  2. I have done everything correct but this comes up when I test ALL rules in Advanced rules..

    ” Error in nation rules

    Need a minimum of 72 and a maximum of 72 teams when organising teams in the English Regional Premier Divisions – found 73 teams ”

    I have no idea because looking at all 3 of the leagues they all have 24 each, 24 x 3 = 72 ??? Hope you can help, thanks

    1. Just keep testing the rules. Happened to me twice with a different number of teams without even changing anything. It’ll eventually verify.

  3. I’m struggling to revolutionise Scottish football because each time I place teams in a league, they don’t stay there. I’ve tried moving a team directly and immediately saving it to no avail.

    Other times I go back and teams have stuck to the leagues I placed them in so it’s inconsistent. I’m thinking there might be a corruption in the editor data.

    1. This year’s editor has loads of issues. I suggest going to the SI forums and reading the editor bugs section to see if anything similar has been reported and if not, make a post outlining your particular problem.

  4. Did all that but keeps coming up with not enough teams in the English reg division what do I do to correct this as did everything u sed to do ?

  5. Is it possible to edit existing league rules? For example changing number of foreign players allowed in Brazilian National First Division or allowing youth intakes to play professional football in the same year they come out of academy.

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