Hackney Wick FC – The Story So Far: 2016-2021

Those of you that follow me on Twitter will know that I’ve had numerous restarts with this career, but the last one, the one I was blogging, I believed to be the last. I thought I’d chased all the bugs out and that it was as stable and as good as it was going to get. Alas, it was not. I’d noticed our ticket prices – match and season – were increasing exponentially year on year, far more than teams around us, to the point we were charging Arsenal prices (commonly known to be the most expensive in England) whilst in the seventh tier. There were also contract type issues again, which was the main cause of my original attempts failing, as well as some niggling database issues which were more irritating for me than game-breaking. An in-game editor couldn’t fix any of the issues so the last option became the only option – attempt to fix it all in the pre-game editor and start again. To allow myself time to catch up to where I was I decided not to blog until we’d reached the Ryman Premier again, and that I’d quickly sum up the seasons taken to get there in a single blog post. This one. So here goes…

2016-17 – Middlesex County Football League Division One (Central & East)

This was the fourth attempt at this. By now I knew the players, tactics, opponents, everything. So as you expect, we smashed it. We won the league at a canter, unbeaten, and also won the Middlesex County League cup.

2017-18 – Middlesex County Football League Premier Division

Again we won the league, and we maintained our unbeaten run in the league. The only game we did lose this season was the Middlesex County League cup final.

2018-19 – Combined Counties Division One

We went unbeaten all season, in both the league and Combined Counties League cup.

2019-20 – Combined Counties Premier Division

We won promotion again, but we lost two games in the process! We also played in the FA Cup and FA Vase for the first time. We went out of the FA Cup after a 4th qualifying round replay against Southport, but we set records for most team goals (19), most player goals (12, Jeff Idemudia) and most assists (7, Saico Djop). We won the FA Vase. We went out of the CCLC on penalties at the quarter final stage.

Amir Adul-Latif retired and joined our backroom staff as a scout.

2020-21 – Ryman League First Division North

The last season of this brief update, we won the league by 13 points, losing 5 games during the league season. The FA Cup was a letdown, going out in only the 2nd qualifying round and we went out of the FA Trophy at the 1st round. We won The Alan Turvey Trophy, aka the Ryman League cup. We lost key midfielder Reece Stoyles for most of the season (7 months) with a cruciate injury.

Club legend Bobby Kasanga retired to become our Director of Football, and Joseph Castle part-retired, becoming a player/scout.

Records/Honours to date (click to enlarge)


Other related info

  • We’ve had Brexit. Again it was the softest possible, where NOTHING changes.
  • I’ve earned my UEFA Pro coaching badge
  • Both Jeff Idemudia and myself have joined Bobby Kasanga as club legends
  • Our youth system has provided nobody worth considering

That’s it. You’re all up to date!

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