Hackney Wick FC – 2025/26 Season Review

We’ve turned professional now that we’re in the Football League so most of the players will be moved onto new full-time contracts so that we can train them more efficiently. Unfortunately we’ve now reached a point where many of the original Hackney Wick players just won’t cut it any more, and so there’ll be a fair amount of transfer activity this season to rebuild the squad for our new life as a pro club. To be honest we reached that point a long while ago with some of them but my attachment to them got in the way of making sound footballing decisions. Not any more…


I forgot to screenshot the email message with the expectations but they were:

  • Avoid relegation from League Two
  • Reach the FA Cup 1st Round
  • Reach the EFL Cup 1st Round
  • Reach the EFL Trophy Group Stage

These expectations are realistic. I’m not expecting to get anywhere in the EFL Cup/Trophy but I’m hopeful of a better finish in the League, and a Third Round appearance in the FA Cup would be good for the finances.




Davies, Tootle, and Coveney came in as backups at right back and centreback (x2) respectively. They’re nothing special but they’re cheap and accepted backup roles. Williams will be our first choice left back for the season, and Holmes will be partnering Bruno at centreback. Punter will hopefully be our first choice striker.


It was heartbreaking but it had to be done. Only one of the original players found a new club, with Sidibie joining Weymouth. The others had all retired by the end of the season. Siriboe looks like he could be a decent Head of Youth Development, so I may look to bring him back in that role in the future. Diallo dropped to fourth choice striker with the arrival of Punter, and Tootle became fifth choice centreback when Holmes came in, so both were loaned out to get them some match time.

You’ll note that far more players went out than came in, because I was hoarding many of them in the u23’s. Hardly any were anywhere near the first team and had already been replaced.



Avoid relegation. It’s something I’m seeing a lot lately, and each time we’ve confounded the critics to win the league each time…

league1 league2


We had a very good season for a first attempt at professional football, but our problem was scoring goals. We’re pretty decent at not conceding many though. But where did that leave us? We didn’t win the league. We didn’t even finish in the playoffs.


AUTOMATIC PROMOTION, BABY! And if we didn’t fluff our lines on the run in, we would have won the league! In a way I’m disappointed, as it’s the first league trophy we haven’t won, but the promotion is more important in the long run.

FA Cup


Third round reached again. Third round exit again. £££!




Disappointed to lose against the filthy franchise scum but it was in line with expectations, and I didn’t hold much hope of going further anyway.

EFL Trophy


Again nothing was expected of us here, and we finished bottom of the group, but considering we played two League One teams and one of the top Category One academies in England and only narrowly lost one game and earned two draws, losing only to the stupid ‘penalties to settle a draw’ bulls**t, I don’t think we embarrassed ourselves at all.



stats awardstoty

Our top scorer being a winger, and with a paltry 13 goals is something we’ll HAVE to fix next season if we want to do anything other than go straight back down. Luke Beale may be the best youth we’ve ever had, and is already rated as a leading League One player, but if he doesn’t stop getting carded I may have to re-evaluate his role.

Youth Intake

After all the excitement of last year, normal service has resumed.


Next Season

STAY UP! We’ll need to find our shooting boots, and I suspect we’ll strengthen the squad some more but budgets are tight, I may have to lower the bonuses to try and get some money to buy with. With a £525k solidarity payment for playing in League Two, I’ve asked for and got upgrades for training and youth facilities being constructed, and hopefully also we’ll get a youth academy status higher than 0!

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