Hackney Wick FC – An Introduction (FM18)

Hackney Wick FC are a semi-professional football club from Hackney, playing in the Essex Senior league (Step 9 of the football pyramid). Their nickname is ‘The Wickers’. Those of you who followed my career with The Wickers last season will recall that we began in the Middlesex Football League Division One (Central & East) which is at Step 12 of the pyramid. This three step jump in leagues is because at the end of the 2016/17 season, The Wickers merged with London Bari FC in the ESL, bringing with them the club name, some of the board and a few of the squad.


They currently call ‘The Old Spotted Dog’ stadium in Forest Gate home, on a ground-share basis with fellow ESL side Clapton FC. Because Hackney Council so far have refused to allow Hackney Wick to build any sort of stadium in the borough, the move from Mabley Green was a forced one as it is essentially a playing field ‘cage’ which doesn’t meet step 9 ground grading requirements. The battle to move the club back to Hackney will be long and drawn out in real life, though I hope it’ll be simpler here!

Last year when I was creating the club in Football Manager 2017, the club itself were happy to provide detailed information on the playing squad for me to make it relatively realistic and far more researched than many other clubs in the non-league. This year however, the club were far less forthcoming, and whilst some of the players from last year remain, allowing me to re-use their data, many others are correct in name and position only.


The aims of this career are split into Short, Medium and Long term goals:

Win promotion to the Isthmian Premier league (step 7)
Win promotion to the National League (step 5)
Win the FA Vase

Turn professional
Build a new stadium of our own
Win promotion to League Two
Win the EFL Trophy
Win promotion to the Premier League

Win the Premier League
Win the Champions League
Win the FA Cup
Win the EFL Cup
Win the Club World Championship
Become World’s best manager
Become World’s biggest club
Win every possible competition in a single season (PL, CL, FA, EFL, CWC, Super Cup, Champions Shield)

Win the World Cup
Win the European Championships
Win everything in a single season with a homegrown squad

A lofty set of goals… Can we do it? There’s only one way to find out! #follow

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