About Me

I’ve been playing football management sims since the late ’90s, starting out on console games and graduating to PC sims in 2006 with the Championship Manager series. As the game was declining at a rapid rate, I switched to Football Manager for 2010. I’ve never looked back since.

I play FM excessively, and because of that I’ve found much of what works and what doesn’t, especially with man management and finances. My specialist area is in taking teams from the bottom divisions up through the leagues, especially in England, though I’ve done it in Europe over the years too, and the same processes apply around much of the world.

I have often been asked how I do it, from the promotions to player development and all in-between, which led to me writing my How-To series of guides. I also make the odd tactic.

You can follow my Football Manager careers and get updates of new blog posts by following me on twitter: @FromTheMarshes

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I have been playing FM for quite a few years and love developing youngster from the youth intake into first team players. Your how-to on youth development made me look at it from another angle and it even helped me (after all these years) improve my game. I just want to say that I really like your blog. Keep it going.


  2. Thanks for sharing all your experience. I have been having problems signing any players. I am Kristiansund in Norway, first division second season. My team has 1.7 mil and gave me 450K. I started signing decent players now all I need is ML/MR/DL. My problem is I still have over 200K and I pick a player anywhere from 200K to $500 worth. I can offer them much more than they want because they are not expensive players but players always reject offer. If I search for players in my scouting range, which is Norway, then only a couple players show up. I have made hundreds of offers and I’m still starting players with no gold stars, worse than last season and last season I was poor. Neither loan nor transfer work. I have now begun training some of my 2nd team and youth players to move to those positions. That is the only solution I have come up with. Any advice would be much appreciated. Maybe I should of started with a bigger team, but I started unemployed and that’s about all that would take me. I should have moved to MLS when I got the chance. Oh, well. Great game though!

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