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How-To: Develop Youth Products – UPDATED

As anyone who follows this blog or my twitter feed knows, my FM13 Enfield Town squad was made up entirely of players that I had developed from the clubs’ youth academy from the age of 15/16. Many of them were world class, and have led the club to multiple top level trophies, as well as being key players at international level. This is a simple guide as to how I developed these players – it really isn’t as complicated as some people will have you believe.

This guide can also apply to bought youngsters, skip to step 4 if this is the case (although Training Facilities and Coaches apply from step 1).

1 – There are a few things that the club should have in place before you even start:

Training Facilities – The better these are, the more specific individual training options are available, and improved CA distribution.*
Youth Facilities – The better they are, the better the rate of youth CA distribution.*
Junior Coaching – Affects the CA level of your Youth Intake players. The better this is, the more likely to get players with high CA.^
Youth Recruitment – The better this is, increases the pool of players that can be recruited, increasing chance of high PA players.^
Head of Youth Development – His personality and mental stats can influence the intake players. High determination and a good personality** are highly recommended.
Coaches – The more specialised your coaches, the better the training they’ll provide in that area. Aim to have one specialised coach in each category. The higher the star rating, the better the coach.

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Athletic Club – Season Review 2014/15


2014/15 Season Review

This season the aim was to try and finally break the monotony of the big two at the top of La Liga. We were given £30m to aid us in our challenge, though most of the players available to us aren’t the type of player I’d sign, given their price and advancing age. But one was exactly the type of player I wanted… Read on to find out who!

Liga BBVA (stats)

This season we needed to make a real go at closing the gap on Real and Barcelona. And from the start we were there or there-about, getting into the top three and were up and down between the top three positions for most of the season. We kept picking up points even when we had to play reserves/youth, and on the last day, we won the title! Our results between Barca and Real is where it was won though, with the gap between us being so tight – of the twelve points available from them four games, we picked up nine.

League results vs ‘The Big Two’

Real Madrid (a): 3-2 win

Barcelona (a): 0-1 loss

Real Madrid (a): 3-1 win

Barcelona (h): 1-0 win

These are the results that won us the title. Taking nine points off your closest league rivals is always going to be a boost, and so it proved as we took the win on the final day.

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