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Hackney Wick FC – 2029/30 Season Review

Here we are! The Premier League! After only fourteen seasons we’ve climbed from the twelfth tier to the summit. I predict a difficult season having to juggle a European campaign in the Europa League as well as our Premier League and domestic cup obligations, but we have a good young squad and with the right additions I think staying up should be a very realistic goal, as well as reaching the group stage of the Europa League. I won’t be placing much emphasis on the FA Cup nor the EFL cup this season, especially if we go anywhere in Europe – we just don’t have the squad depth.

expectationsThese were the minimum expectations from the board. Whilst I felt we could achieve a better League finish, I didn’t want any added pressure with the Europa League games as well to contend with.

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Hackney Wick FC – 2028/29 Season Review

This season we’re widely predicted to fail again and be relegated by the media despite making it to the playoff final last season. To be honest I’m targeting to be there-or-thereabouts regarding the playoffs this time around,  whether we get there will be determined by how much we can strengthen the team, and how much more our promising young squad can develop during the season.

ExpectationsexpectationsThe expectations are realistic for the cups but as I’ve already said I’m really aiming higher for the league. We started with an £11m budget but this is what remains after our initial transfers.
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Enfield Town – Season Review 2020/21


2020/21 – Premier League – End of Season Review

Last season was very good. This one was amazing. I really don’t know how else to sum it up.

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Barclays Premier League (stats)

What a season!  Despite having to play a squad of reserves in some fixtures due to cup commitments, we somehow finished third! In the first half of the season we sat around the top half of mid-table but we kicked on as the other teams seemed to drop off and managed a late flourish to grab a Champions League spot!

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Enfield Town – Season Review 2019/20


2019/20 – Premier League – End of Season Review

So, here we are! The Premier League! In order for our ground to meet league standards we had to move to Millwall’s ‘The Den’ for eleven months, and we moved back into a ‘huge’ 12,500 capacity stadium at the end of the works. Not very promising for long-term capacity expectations…

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Barclays Premier League (stats)

What the heck can I say? We had the youngest squad in the league, lowest average wage and lowest average player value. We were supposed to go straight back down. Instead, we not only stayed up, but we laid down a statement of intent – that we are here to stay. With one game to go, we jumped up to seventh. After the FA Cup final was played THIS appeared in my inbox:


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Dial Square – Season Review 2018/19


2018/19 Season Review

Our second season in the Premier League, and we had to show that staying up last season was no fluke. All the top teams are chasing me as a manager, with no less than twelve approaches during the season (including Barcelona, Bayern, Leverkusen, Liverpool and Marseille amongst others) but this is far too interesting a project to leave now, especially as I hope to usurp the lot of them at the top, eventually, while still managing this club.

 Barclays Premier League (stats)

At first glance, it looks as though we had an excellent season. And to be honest, we have. But we had an abysmal end to the season, losing four games on the trot, dropping us from fourth to sixth, with our fierce rivals To**en**m overtaking us by a point on the final day of the season, too. We had some excellent results along the way, beating Chelsea 4-0 a particular highlight! But that run-in at the end has left a sour taste in the mouth when we should really be happy with what we did achieve.

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Athletic Club – Season Review 2012/13


2012/13 Season Review

Athletic Club. One of the only three clubs to have never been relegated from La Liga (alongside Barcelona and Real Madrid). Hardcoded to only be able to sign players of Basque descent, or any Spanish player under the age of sixteen. A proper youth-based challenge, to catch, and better the traditional ‘big two’…

I’ve taken the reins as ‘Inigo Montoya’ -my Spanish alter-ego. This season was all about getting settled in and gaining the players’ trust as my reputation is only Sunday League. I started out with a 4-5-1 formation, and for a while it seemed to be working. But a bad run of results hit, and a change to a 4-2-3-1 deep turned things around and so I stayed with it. I’ll go into more depth on tactics once I’ve given it a thorough test.

Liga BBVA (stats)

Qualifying for the Europa League was the boards’ minimum requirement for this season. And as a newbie manager, I agreed. We were unbeaten in our first nine games, and then it all went a bit pear-shaped – only one win in the next eight games, four of which were losses. We were up and down for the rest of the season, having periods of good form then bad, but we held on under the pressure from Granada and Valencia and finished third and secured a Champions League place!

League results vs ‘The Big Two’

Real Madrid (a): 0-1

Barcelona (a): 1-3

Real Madrid (h): 1-2

Barcelona (h): 0-1

All the games, besides the Barcelona away game, were close. The first game vs Madrid we went down to a dubious penalty, and some comical goalkeeping allowed them into the game at home which gave them the momentum to steal a win. Barcelona were the better team  at the Nou Camp, but it only took a slip from Ekiza to allow them the victory at San Mamés.

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