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Hackney Wick FC – 2024/25 Season Review

We’re in the National League, which is the highest division in the semi-professional game. If we can go up from here, we’ll be a professional Football League outfit! But before we get carried away with that idea, we have to face a division filled with a good few professional sides that have been relegated over the years and the very best of the non-league…



These were the agreed expectations with the board, which I feel are very achievable. I didn’t bother taking higher as we are already way under our wage budget and it didn’t alter our transfer budget either.

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Hackney Wick FC – 2023/24 Season Review

We’re really starting to get somewhere now. This season we’re in the National League South, which means we’re at the halfway point in our quest to reach the Premier League!



These expectations were acceptable, though I know we can achieve more.

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Hackney Wick FC – 2022/23 Season Review

As we failed to win promotion last season by finishing second and losing the playoff final to Harlow, we have another bite at the Ryman Premier. We definitely had the potential last season to win the division, and with it automatic promotion, but we didn’t show it at times, letting good leads slip to draws and draws slip away to losses. This season we’ll do it. We’ll go up to the National League South. Won’t we?

We’ll be moving from Mabley Green to groundshare with Leyton Orient at Brisbane Road which is a pre-planned move I made before starting the career because Mabley Green in reality isn’t a stadium, it’s a caged astroturf pitch in a park. I could have set it to force a new stadium build once we outgrew Mabley but it wouldn’t have the expansion capacity to fulfil our future dream of Champions League football, and would cripple our already delicate finances. Brisbane Road is the closest stadium to Hackney Marshes (as close as London Stadium, but 60,000 capacity is a bit much for us!) so we’ll share with Orient until we have the finances to build our own home.

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Hackney Wick FC – 2021/22 Season Review

Season five, and we’re now at level 7. This is the last division outside the ‘playable divisions’ shipped with the base game


The expectations from the board were definitely realistic and achievable, so we could crack on knowing we didn’t have to push ourselves to perform miracles.

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Enfield Town – Season Review 2015/16


2015/16 End of Season Review

Second season in charge of the Towners, and it was one that took everyone associated with the club pleasantly by surprise. We were supposed to be no-hopers, yet we managed to upset the apple-cart. I was very pleased to go as far as we did in the FA Trophy, as that one eluded me as manager of Town in FM13… Though so did the Conference Premier winners’ trophy, and it has again.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say ‘hi’ to the Towners on nonleague.co.uk who are following this career! And also don’t forget you can follow every game by following @EnfieldTown_FC on Twitter!

Skrill Premier (stats)

Promoted! I really don’t know how, as we were labelled as no-hopers, and we weren’t able to bring in the quality of player I’d hoped for, despite many ex-Premier League players being available on frees – they just weren’t interested in us like they were at this stage on FM13. Still, we had to make the most of what we had, and with excellent consistency from the team, and Matt Drage in defence and Jack Cameron up top in particular, we managed to grind results – where many clubs would have lost, we got draws, and it was those draws that got us where we did.

The playoff semi-final was contested against Macclesfield, who we’d only recently lost 2-0 to in the league. Two 1-1 draws, including a 120+3 equaliser in extra time of the second leg from our winger David Adedipe, means we went to penalties to decide who would be facing Grimsby in the final. We scored all ours, and Macclesfield players crumbled under the pressure, missing two of their four. We were going to Wembley!

In the final, we were thoroughly outplayed by Grimsby. We only managed one shot all game, but it was that one shot that decided the game! Jack Cameron’s 64th minute strike was the only goal of the match.


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Enfield Town – Season Review 2014/15


2014/15 End of Season Review

Here it is, at long last – my FM 2014 Enfield Town career! It seems by general consensus that it is harder managing in the lower leagues on this years’ iteration of the game, because a) the tactics system is new and will take some time to understand, and b) agents don’t seem to offer players as readily as before, nor does the assistant seem to recommend anyone – both my main source of player-spotting in previous years.

Skrill South (stats)

We started the season slowly, primarily because I needed to get a grip on the new tactical system. A simple change from Counter to Control saw us steadily improve our position, and by December we looked like genuine playoff contenders. We continued to pick up points until Christmas, when tiredness really hit hard and we only managed one win in seven games. From mid January onwards we recovered, as the games became further apart the players had time to rest between games and we got ourselves into a promising position in the playoffs, and in the end we managed to take the title on the final day by a single point! Continue reading Enfield Town – Season Review 2014/15

Dial Square – Season Review 2013/14


2013/14 Season Review

Last season we walked the league and also performed very well on the way to winning the FA Trophy. This season  the aim was to again win the double, even if it isn’t done as emphatically as last season! Tactically we remained unchanged – if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

Blue Square Premier (stats)

With our young squad developing at the rate that they are and the talent they have, nothing less than automatic promotion would do. What I didn’t expect, is how easy it would be. By matchday seven, we were top – a position we wouldn’t relinquish for the rest of the season. We set a new record for points, breaking Crawley’s record, with 115. We also broke the BSP record for goals scored, our 115 goals considerably more than the next highest this season, York’s 79. 

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