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How-To: Play as an Unplayable Club – UPDATED!

More often than not, on Football Manager I start as a very small side and look to take them to Champions League glory. For most people, that means a club in the lowest playable division, or using an extended leagues database. But what if you don’t like the unreliability and instability caused by xml files, and are bored with the same old clubs in the lowest divisions? I’ve noticed that often in the blog statistics people have found the blog by searching Google on ‘how to play as’ or ‘how to manage’ Enfield Town and FC United of Manchester – two of the previously unplayable clubs I’ve managed without resorting to an editor.  This blog post is their answer!  Using the method I will detail below, you can play as any club in the division immediately below the last playable division. It will not work for any divisions below this, as promotion/relegation is set only for one division below the playable divisions.

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