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How-To: Make Money in Football Manager

How-To: Make Money in Football Manager

For some people, winning is everything, at any cost. For others, like myself, running the club at a profit whilst achieving success is the aim. In this guide, I’ll be showing you the tips and tricks of how I turned Enfield Town from a club worth around £100k into a £1.35 billion valued megaclub.

Key points to remember:

The main principle is to keep costs low while maximising income. That sounds obvious, but implementing it while maintaining a winning squad can be difficult.

In the lower leagues, keeping the finances in the black is notoriously difficult, and while there I recommend that you don’t worry about the finances – do what you have to do to win promotions. Money is made in the top tiers, (increased attendances, more prize money/TV money, etc) so getting there as fast as possible is of the utmost importance for your finances. Also, I don’t recommend playing friendlies against huge clubs, as the battering you’ll likely take will harm player morale, which will be more costly to the club than losing the few thousand pounds more in the bank that the gate receipts may generate.

Spending money isn’t always bad! Youth facility upgrades should always be a priority despite the initial cost – bringing through your own players saves on transfer fees which can be much more than the costs of the facilities in the long run, and even if the player doesn’t make it, you can sell them for a profit (more on that later). Also stadium upgrades will make you money in the long term as your fanbase grows, and through upgraded corporate facilities, which will help earn bigger sponsorship deals. Continue reading How-To: Make Money in Football Manager